About Us

ProntoPak was created when Claude Peters of the contract labour supplier van Stomp Ltd, realised that he could offer a unique service to businesses in need of packing and repacking.

With a trained and motivated workforce ready and willing to pack around the clock plus secure premises to hold large amounts of goods for packing and repacking ProntoPak was born.

Why use ProntoPak?

  • A management team that are super efficient at managing people and contracts
  • +- 125 motivated workers at our disposal at a drop of a hat
  • The ability to solve your 11th hour packing demand effortlessly
  • Price
  • Flexible approach to each contract
  • Flexible packing premises suitable for non food and food packaging

Name & Registered Office: Prontopak Limited, 7 Granta Terrace, Great Shelford, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB22 5FJ. Company No. 0705766707057667..


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